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Vita-Lay MS product guarantees moisture resistance and the unique closed-cell structure of Vita-Thene products.

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Vita-Pack foam wrapping offers low cost surface protection without scratching or sticking to delicate surfaces.

vitatex vita-furn

Vita-Furn products provides additional cushioning, support and insulation for furniture and bedding support.

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We wish to notify all our valued customers that we will be closing on the 21st of December 2022 and reopening on the 11th of January 2023. Read more

We will therefore deliver stock up to the 20th of December 2022. Please note the following dates for last orders:

VitaSpun, (Spunbond)

Date : 25 November 2022

VitaThene Bonded Products (EPE)

Date : 30 November 2022

VitaThene Profiles, Sheets & Rolls

Date : 02 December 2022