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What is EPE Foam?
vitaagri spunbond installing weed covers
vitaagri spunbond landscape fabric
vitagri spunbond frost crop covers tunnels
pp nonwoven spunbond manufacturing machine
nonwoven spunbond expanded polyethylene foam
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Want to dive deeper into EPE Foam and Spunbond?

Vitatex is one of the largest manufacturers of EPE Foam and Non Woven Spunbond in Africa and part of the KAP group.

VitaThene - EPE Foam

Learn more about EPE foam and it’s properties. Discover it’s the applications in manufacturing and transportation while shaping a more environmentally friendly approach to sustainablility.

VitaSpun - Spunbond

Learn more about Spunbond and it’s application within the manufacturing sector . Vitatex Spunbond is used in the manufacturing processes of major companies like KAP to name a few.

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We wish to notify all our valued customers that we will be closing on the 21st of December 2022 and reopening on the 11th of January 2023. Read more

We will therefore deliver stock up to the 20th of December 2022. Please note the following dates for last orders:

VitaSpun, (Spunbond)

Date : 25 November 2022

VitaThene Bonded Products (EPE)

Date : 30 November 2022

VitaThene Profiles, Sheets & Rolls

Date : 02 December 2022