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VitaThene Expanded Polyethylene Foam (EPE)

VitaTex manufactures high-quality EPE / Expanded Polyethylene foam marketed as VitaThene to create durable products that are lightweight, and recyclable. VitaTex manufactures a wide range of Expanded Polyethylene Foam products, which include EPE sheets, tubes, bonded pads, netting, and rolls.
vitathene epe foam
vitathene epe foam
vitathene epe foam

What is Expanded Polyethylene Foam?

Expanded Polyethylene Foam (EPE) is one of the most widely used plastics in production. EPE is a thermoplastic resin, which means that it can be melted by heating. The main raw material used to make VitaThene products is Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) which comes in the form of small plastic pellets and is melted and mixed with a proprietary blend of additives and gas before being extruded through various die sets to manufacture the required profile/s.

EPE Foam is a low density, semi-rigid, closed cell foam characterized by a compact feel and resistance to water as well as high chemical resistance.

EPE foam can be used for the protection of fragile and breakable items with properties such as: 

Protection of glass & glassware
Extremely Lightweight
Protection of scientific equipment
Ideal for packaging like marble

For more information on our various product offerings please look at our industry specific products or contact us for more information.

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View some of our EPE products. Custom products are available on request.

Industries that use VitaThene™ EPE Foam

The physical and chemical properties of EPE Foam give it its many desirable characteristics and make it highly popular for use in a variety of applications across different industries.

Packaging Industry

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VitaTex Expanded Polyethylene products provide protection for everything from delicate medical/scientific equipment and consumer electronics whilst transit and storage.

Construction Industry

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From floor to ceiling, EPE foam can be used in multiple ways, including insulation in the roof, soundproofing on walls and underlay for carpets and wooden flooring.

Automotive Industry

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The automotive industry has been adopting technologies and materials with low to zero emissions as well as reducing its footprint on the environment. EPE foam is 100% recyclable light and durable which is why it’s fast gaining the approval of the electric vehicle industry.


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EPE fruit nets are used to protect fruits and flowers during transport and handling from the farm to your favourite retail store

Sports & Fitness Industry

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Sports & Fitness

VitaThene EPE foam is durable, lightweight and regains its shape after force has been applied to it, making it the ideal filler for sporting equipment including sports mats, punching bags, guards etc.

Food & Beverage Industry

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Food and Beverage

Expanded Polyethylene Foam is non-toxic, and has no taste or odour, making it a great option for packaging in the food packaging industry. From trays to pawpaw nets EPE foam can protect them all.

Furniture & Bedding Industry

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Furniture & Bedding

VitaTex is the largest supplier of Expanded Polyethylene Foam products to the bedding and furniture industry in South Africa.

Custom Profiles

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Custom Profiles

Custom profiles are specially designed EPE foam products that can be represented by a broad range of categories: tubes, rods, rectangles special shapes and more which are produced as per customer requirements.

VitaThene EPE provides structural support in leading brands of beds and furniture as well as being the preferred protective packaging material for most in both industries.

Is VitaThene EPE Foam Recyclable?

Yes, EPE Foam is recyclable!

Expanded Polyethylene Foam can be melted down and re-extruded and formed not just once but multiple times making its recyclability one of its most important characteristics. This amazing property is due to EPE Foams’ high thermal resistance which allows it to keep its chemical structure even when subjected to high temperatures during the remelting and extrusion process.


VitaTex proudly supplies EPE Foam products to various industries under the below trademarks.

VitaThene EPE provides structural support in leading brands of beds and furniture as well as being the preferred protective packaging material in many industries.

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