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VitaAgri™ is one of the largest suppliers affordable high-quality products for the transportation, packaging, & agricultural sectors. Our products include PP Non-Woven Spunbond as well as Expanded Polyethylene Foam Diamond Nets

VitaAgri ™ EPE Foam

VitaAgri™ Expanded Polyethylene Foam is outstanding for use as a packaging material. It’s shock absorption, elasticity & thermal insulating properties combined with chemical resistance & anti-static qualities, make it an ideal product for transporting sensitive crops as well as fragile products.

What is EPE Foam Made of

EPE foam, or Expanded Polyethylene foam, is a thermoplastic resin. It is made by applying heat and pressure accompanied by a blowing agent in an autoclave.

Sectors Within Agriculture We Service


With properties like being non-toxic, colourless, tasteless, lightweight, durable & the ability to absorb shock, it is no wonder that VitaAgri EPE foam is the product of choice for packaging and transportation.


VitaAgri Diamond Nets are used extensively to protect delicate fruits & fragile flowers during packaging and transport. EPE nets EPE is an extremely cost-effective solution since it can be re-processed & re-purposed several times over.

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How VitaAgri ™ Can Help You

For years VitaAgri has been pioneering innovation in the agricultural industry by providing affordable products & services for food producers, farmers & transporters. We are extremely proud of our long-standing roots in the Farming & Agricultural sector connected businesses & communities across South Africa.

VitaAgri ™ Agricultural Products

VitaAgri is the agricultural branch of Vitatex. We supply affordable, high-quality PP Non-Woven Spunbond & Expanded Polyethylene Foam for the farming, packaging & agricultural industries. 

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We wish to notify all our valued customers that we will be closing on the 21st of December 2022 and reopening on the 11th of January 2023. Read more

We will therefore deliver stock up to the 20th of December 2022. Please note the following dates for last orders:

VitaSpun, (Spunbond)

Date : 25 November 2022

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Date : 30 November 2022

VitaThene Profiles, Sheets & Rolls

Date : 02 December 2022